Introducing Automated Filter Subscriptions

The team at PureFilters is constantly looking for ways to help Canadians keep their air fresh, without the hassle. Over the years, we received many requests from our customers asking us to implement a subscription option.

“I order from you regularly anyways, can’t you just save my card, automatically bill me and ship the filters on a regular basis? This would be very convenient and save me a lot of time”

We received several suggestions from customers just like this. We highly value feedback from our customers so…

You asked, and we listened.

PureFilters is excited to announce that subscriptions are now available on select products. You can subscribe to almost any PureFilters branded product in our store.

Below are more details about subscriptions and how they work.

What is subscription?

It’s simple, you select the filter you want and set how frequently you want them delivered. Our system will save your credit card on file, automatically bill you and automatically ship you filters based on your preferences.

You can choose between 4 subscription options:

  • Every 1 Month
  • Every 3 Months
  • Every 6 Months
  • Every 12 Months

Which option you select will depend on the quantity of filters you plan to order and how frequently you plan to replace your filters. If you are unsure how often you should be replacing your filter, check out our guide here.

For example, if you have a 1 inch filter, you should be replacing it every month or so. You could select 12 filters and set your subscription to every 12 months. That way you get billed once a year, and have filters to change monthly.

Why subscribe?

Save money – We are currently offering 10% recurring discount if you choose to subscribe (however, this may be a limited time offer, so take advantage of it while you can). If you already plan on regularly buying and replacing your furnace filter, why not just subscribe and save that extra money? It could mean hundreds of dollars in savings over the life of your furnace.

Save time/hassle – If you regularly replace your furnace filter, why not save the headache of having to constantly go online to buy more? Set and forget. Replacing your filter is an often overlooked task so by subscribing you can automate it completely and never worry about it again.

Which products have a subscription option?

As mentioned earlier, we currently offer subscriptions on PureFilters branded products. You will see an option to subscribe above the “Add to Cart” button, pictured below:

If you want to subscribe to a product, but don’t see a subscription option, contact us and let us know. We may be able to set one up for you.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. You can manage your subscriptions in your account area and cancel whenever you would like with just a click of a button.

If you prefer us to handle it for you, not a problem at all – just call us at 1-888-979-4284 or email us at and a customer service rep can cancel your subscription on your behalf.

Can I change my subscription?

Absolutely. As mentioned in the previous section, you can manage your subscriptions in your account area. You are able to update the frequency of delivery (1, 3, 6 or 12 months), change the product quantity and or the actual product itself.

If you prefer us to handle it for you, not a problem at all – just call us at 1-888-979-4284 or email us at and a customer service rep can change your subscription on your behalf.



The PureFilters Team

Keeping your air fresh, without the stress

Introducing The PureFilters Brand

After 4 years in business, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our own brand! The team here has worked very hard to develop the PureFilters brand and believe that it has a great positions in today’s marketplace.

We have started stocking our warehouses across Canada with PureFilters branded filters.

We wanted to give you the details about the PureFilters brand and what it means for our customers in this announcement.

Why We Started Our Own Brand

First, let’s start off with our mission:

Make superior indoor air quality simple and affordable for all Canadians.

As with almost anything we do here at PureFilters, this was a direct result of listening to our customers. We are very proactive in collecting feedback from our customers in order to improve their experience. The magic happens when customer feedback aligns with our mission and core principles.

Of our 6 core principles, there were 3 that really led us to launching the PureFilters brand, affordability, quality and availability.

Here is the breakdown:

1 – Affordability

Many big-name brands simply add their logo on the filter which immediately causes the price to rise astronomically. Seldom do these brands actually manufacture their own filter to begin with, the premium price is simply because of their logo. To make matters worse, a lot of the big-name branded products sold here in Canada are imported from the US, which means even more costs related to customs, freight and currency exchange.

We received many requests from our customers asking us if there were more affordable alternatives. We did not have an answer for them, up until now. So this is the first reason we launched the PureFilters brand, provide an affordable solution for homeowners in Canada.

By manufacturing our own filters, we can keep our core principle of affordability in mind and our customers don’t need to pay a premium just for a logo. Also by having the manufacturing here in Canada, we avoid costs related to importing product from the US.

2 – Quality

After researching extensively into filter manufacturing and how the mechanics of it works, we knew exactly what kind of material and processes it took to match and even exceed the quality big-name branded filters

We have partnered with a very reputable manufacturing company based right here in Canada. They have been in business for well over 50 years and operate a very impressive facility. They manufacture filters that are used in hospitals, food processing plants and other industrial/commercial applications. If these filters are good enough for these kind of facilities, imagine the quality of air they would provide for your home!

3 – Availability

Dealing with big-name brands isn’t easy, often times we are at the mercy of whatever stock they have. We have grown so rapidly over the course of 4 years we have outgrown our existing supply chain. This led us to having to wait weeks (sometimes even months) in order to obtain the large quantities we needed to service our customers.

The worst thing was that customers would have to wait to get their product, but this has now changed. By controlling our own supply chain, we are able to stock compatible filters for all sizes and models. No more waiting for anyone, we want 100% availability to be maintained on all of our products, so you are able to buy what you want, when you want it!

Why Choose PureFilters Brand?

If you are still not convinced on why you should choose the PureFilters brand, here are our top 5 reasons:

  1. You get the same or better quality than big-name branded filters, but save up to 50% on the price

  2. Manufactured 100% right here in Canada

  3. Availability on all sizes and models, included custom sizes as well

  4. Satisfaction guaranteed, if you are not blown away by our product, we will issue a refund ASAP

  5. Subscribe and save even more, automatically billed, automatically shipped

PureFilters Co-Founders, Nadir (left) & Jay (right), at AHR Expo 2019.

What If You Want OEM Brands Instead?

If you still prefer the OEM branded filter, we currently still carry them as well. Going forward we will be stocking them in lower quantities, so availability is not always guaranteed and prices are subject to changes,

Search for your model in our shop and if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact and one of our customer service reps will assist you!



The PureFilters Team

Keeping your air fresh, without the stress